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I became interested in Real Estate as a First Time home Buyer, and soon after, as an Investor. With Real Estate purchases under my belt as a consumer, and not impressed with the Realtors involved in either side of the transactions, I realized there was a need for Real Estate Agents. I realized then, that although Realtors are in Sales, the reality is, what they sell is not the property, they sell the ‘service’ they provide. Unfortunately the services I received and seen other family and friends receive, were mediocre. I clearly saw and knew exactly how I would do it differently. I’m sure you are now thinking: “Is it some phenomenal strategy?” Well, it is not. It’s quite simple, yet very few actually do it. Here are few examples which I will share with you: 1) Quick response. This day and age with all the available communication tools, waiting 24 hours for anyone to get back to you is unacceptable. Here is a BIG ONE: 2) “Listening”. Listening to what the clients wants and needs are. By truly understanding what my clients wants and needs are, I am able to the package and plan a goal in finding the perfect strategy for their Real Estate needs. 3) Analyzing and studying the local market to better guide and advise the client. Every property and every deal is unique, therefore there aren’t any cookie cutter market trends. For example: “It’s a seller’s market. Over bid if you want to get your offer accepted”. Or “It’s a Buyers Market, under list and you’ll sell the house”. Again, every property and every deal is unique therefore there aren’t any trends one must follow. Period. By truly understanding, analyzing and studying the numbers of a neighborhood, I can confidently advise accordingly to the particular transaction, and not the current market trend. 4) Frequently, effectively communicating and negotiating with the Broker representing the other party. Communication and building rapport is the key to negotiations. Understanding the “wants and needs’ of the other party gives you not only a clear understanding, but helps you figure out strategies and where you can leverage. 5) Educating my clients. By educating my clients of all the possibilities available to them, they are better informed and confident to make the decisions that best suits their needs. Most importantly, number 6) ‘Win-win or no deal’ is mandatory in every transaction. I refuse to represent a client where I am not 100% certain my client will be satisfied. I pride myself for having great and prompt communication skills as well as exceptional work ethics while maintaining a high level of excellence in all I do.

Renata DeMello has been practicing Real Estate for over 7 years. With a background in Marketing, Renata epitomizes “outside of the box” creative marketing strategies, negotiation skills, integrity and energy. Trilingual- fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Renata has an extensive amount of experience in REO and Short Sale transactions representing and selling Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Chase and Bank of America assets, which translates to: pervasive background in evictions, CFK “Cash for Keys” transactions, Rehab/Remodel, BPO’s “Broker Price Opinions”, Market Analysis “determining wether a property will profit from rehab/remodel or not”. Therefore it is safe to say, Renata is well over qualified for any/all Real Estate Transactions. Thanks to the exceptionally loyal clientele, personal referrals and repeat business that forms the foundation of Renata’s career. Call Renata today for all your Real Estate needs.

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Being a fellow agent out of Beverly Hills, I vet and get to know any agent before I refer them my business. Renata has proven to be a diligent and caring professional in all of my dealings, and her knowledge and insight to the marketplace has averted many a… (more)


Renata is an EXCELLENT real estate agent!!
We purchased our first foreclosure in TX with her help via phone calls since she is in CA. Renata helped every step of the way, and always went the extra mile, checking on details and making sure everything was… (more)


I used Renata to purchase a house during a tricky time, when all the lending institutions were in a frenzy, and denying everyone, but she managed keep the process going smoothly, and got me a very good deal in the transaction. I have already recommended her… (more)

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