Bay Area Real Estate
Renata DeMello

Selling Tips

Get the House Ready! 

ʺYou never get a second chance to make a first impressionʺ is definitely applicable when it comes to attracting buyers to want to purchase a home. A good first impression means the difference between receiving the most buck for your home, or being subjected to months of chasing the market and the right buyer.

1. Curb appeal. The exterior of your property is the first key to a good first impression. Here are some tips to get done prior to listings: Grass well‐watered and mowed, trees trimmed, cut back overgrowth, plant some blooming flowers, store toys, bicycles, gardening equipment and etc. If necessary, and if possible, have the front exterior and the trim painted. Keep the porch and the front walkway free from leaves and debris. After dark, turn on your front porch light and any other exterior lighting.

2. De-clutter. Buyers cannot buy a home they canʹt see. If your home is over furnished, overflowing closets, crowded kitchen, bathroom countertops, lots of family photos & collectibles on display, potential buyers wonʹt be able to visualize their lives in the home because they be too busy analyzing and distracted by your personal property. Store anything you donʹt need or use in boxes and store it in a garage, or a storage unit. 

3. Scent is Key. Some are oblivious to scents, but there are others who are extremely sensitive to odors. To eliminate smells, bathe your pets, freshen the cat litter box frequently, shampoo your carpets, dry clean your drapes, empty trash cans, recycling bins and ash trays. Place open boxes of baking soda in smell prone areas, and refrain from cooking strong smelling foods. Introduce pleasing smells by placing flowers, candles, and air fresheners. 

4. Repairs. Buyers look forward to everything in their possible new house to operate safely and properly. Particular buyers notices and magnifies any little issue you may have ignored. Leaky faucets, burned out light bulbs, broken windows, inoperable appliances, etc… should be fixed before listing the house. These repairs may seem small, but when it comes to negotiating they may affect the bottom line value and can be used as leverage to negotiate a lower purchase price.

5. Staging. Hire a professional stager or stage it yourself. Add pillows to sofas and beds. Add pictures and mirrors. Set the dining room table with your best dishes. Put out your best towels. Make up the spare bed. Hang curtains. Light candles. Put some logs in the fireplace. Use your creative side.


Hire a Realtor!

How do you choose a REALTOR®? Here are some questions you may want to ask the Realtor…

1) What services do you offer?

2) What type of representation do you provide? (There are three types of representation: buyers, sellers, or both often referred to as Dual Agency, which some facilitate transactions as a neutral party, and in some cases different salespeople in a single firm may represent different parties within a transaction.) 

3) What experiences and qualifications do you have?

4) What is the typical DOM aka ‘Days on the Market for properties in my area? (Be aware all homes are unique, each and every real estate transaction is unique, some will sell faster than others. Several factors can impact on the time a home remains on the market, including changing interest rates and local economic trends.)

5) What is the recommended list price? Ask about d comparable properties currently on the market. If you speak with several REALTORS®, their price estimates differ, thatʹs OKAY, but be sure to ask how their price opinions were determined and why they think your home would sell for a given value.

6) How will you Market my home? At listing presentations, Brokers will provide a detailed summary of how they market homes, what marketing strategies have worked in the past and which marketing efforts may be effective for your home.

7) What is the cost to list? Brokerage fees are established in the market place and not set by law or regulation. Typically, Brokers who list homes are compensated on a performance basis ‐ that is, the Broker is not paid unless the home sells under the terms and conditions that are acceptable to you.

8) What happens if another REALTOR® locates a purchaser? That is, who will that Broker represent, and how will he or she be paid?

9) How long should I list my home? A ʺlistingʺ agreement is a contract that shows the Brokerʹs obligations and outlines the terms under which your home is being made available for sale. 


Price it Right

* Pricing decisions should be based in reality rather than wishful thinking. 

Realistic point of view. How much will a ready, willing and able buyer be willing to purchase your home for? Unfortunately, how much you paid for the home, how many memories and moments shared in the home, or the amount you need to cash out to purchase your next home are not determining factors on pricing your home. Yes, they can certainly motivate you to sell, however they cannot determine the list price. How to get started on determining a true market value and list price? 

Get a CMA completed by a Real Estate Professional. A Comparative Market Analysis may look like a mini appraisal. It will display the current active, pending and recent sold in the area. By looking at those three components you can see if there is a market trend, determine a range of price per square footage, and compare amenities, styles, and see what properties will be competing with your home. Contact me for a CMA.



One of the Realtor largest expense has traditionally been Newspaper and Magazines advertising. However, in today day and age, the internet has taken over, and the majority of research and search is being done online. We market our listings and feed it to all major Real Estate sites Nationwide. In addition, we have taken advantage of the power of Social Media to expose our listings as well as sites that are commonly used by the masses such as craigslist. For sale signs on the lawn, open houses, exquisite fliers and post cards are still remarkably effective. I am proud to say we tap into all areas of marketing and advertising utilizing every tool to it’s fullest capacity. Contact me for a Listing Appointment. I will share specific details of how I implement each of the marketing pieces differently than most Realtors and how I design a Marketing Strategy specifically for your home.